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NexFan Users Reviews

Caleb Carter
Phoenix, Arizona
United States

I do not give product reviews, but with this product, I have to do it, authorize the company to publish it on its website.
I am hypertensive and those who have come to this city know that it is the hottest city in the United States. I had made my purchase of this product and one day the temperature was 110 degrees and I felt like I couldn't breathe, with a fan on I was sweating, I was blowing hot air.
Someone knocked on my door; it was the mail to deliver my nexfan
I put it in my room, prepared it but I put some ice on the water, I could not believe it in less than 2 minute the temperature of my room under 9 degrees, it felt much better and I closed the room and the blinds, I threw myself on my bed and I really thought, I arrived just in time, it has saved my life.
I use it the whole day but I wash the filters every 2 days, I do not know if I am obsessive. Nevertheless, really this product was worth buying. 
Already 4 neighbors of mine have bought it on my recommendation. I asked for another for my son who and one for my mother.

Keira Morales
Sacramento, California
United States

I was looking for a portable air conditioner and I came across this product. I work with sterilization and the Nano-Silver Ion Filter in addition to UV light struck me, as we use it in instrument sterilization in the hospital. 
However, what impressed me most was the distance of the airflow that they mentioned and that it descended 5 degrees in seconds. 
None of them had given me such excellent results like this. They can use it without ice, but my area is extremely hot which is why I use it with ice, when I close all the blinds and doors it is almost the same as an electric air conditioning. 
I feel happy and I will buy for my family too. Nexfan is the best of everything I have bought on the internet in the last 5 years.

Jakson Johnson
Brooklyn, New York
United States

I was somewhat skeptical since I had tried other Blaux, Instacooler, Arctic Breeze and Coolair because I bought one to try and if not I was satisfied with buying another brand.
But I decide to purchasing this product Nexfan and it really is the best investment I have made. 
But it has really proven to work well! Adding ice cubes will be even better when the day is so hot. 
The fan send out this cool misty stream of air that feel nice on a hot day. 
You can charge it from laptop, power bank and wall plugs, and you can carry it everywhere because it is small and easy to carry. I never see an air cooler with this strong airflow.
Not make loud Sound that nice. 
I would highly recommend this afford and effective fan. Essential for summertime!

Sophie Russell
Miami, Florida
United States

This product does the job well. I can set this little portable air conditioner right in front of me with water and ice and it keeps me cool. 
It does not make a lot of noise too. Put it in the bedroom at night, there is no big noise, it will not affect sleep and slept well on all night. 
This is a lifesaver for me! I get 50% promotion and free shipping.

Adam Brown
Houston, Texas
United States

I bought this as a present for my dad who has a tiny workroom for his rock polishing projects. 
He loves it. Now he can do what he loves for longer because he is more comfortable. 
My father is asthmatic and he tells me that when he uses it in his work area the air feels cleaner, and now he wants to use it throughout his house as well as sleeping. He is enjoying that it is portable. 
I gonne buy 3 Nexfan more, one for me, one for each of my daughters.

Caroline Daniels
Kansas City, Missouri
United States

I’m a college student and my dorm room would become completely unbearable during the summer months. 
It got so bad I even started looking at apartments off-campus. 
Thank heavens for the Nexfan Portable AC! 
It makes my dorm room perfectly comfortable, even on the hottest of summer days!

Liam Adams
Denver, Colorado
United States

During this very special moment, apparently online shopping is one of our very limited options to experience the life, which is supposed to be.
Price a reasonable, I do recommend it. UV light in water tank it is an excellent idea and innovative. It is compact and easy to move around, works very quiet.
I like that it is also a humidifier.
As a bonus, it has seven different light colors to choose from as well. It is also easy to clean.

Charlotte Armstrong
Chicago, Illinois
United States

This portable air cooler nexfan works great. 
I use ice in the water and I cool down quickly, a rock of product.
I love using it in aromatherapy mode at night. In addition, makes very little sound.
It has an ultra strong fan, airflow 5 feet is true they said .
The lights are unnecessary in my opinion. However, I will have to buy another one because my children love those lights.

Reagan Davis
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
United States

I enjoy the heat, but sometimes it can be a little overwhelming inside on the hottest days, even with the blinds closed shut. 
I love Nexfan Portable AC. It is easy to move around, I prefer it right next to my reading chair. Keeps me happy. 
To sleep I put ice to the water and work all night, keeping my bedroom cool all night, I rest fine. I use with a powerbank all night. 
I really recommend it. Is the best investment to do in summer.

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NexFan It´s New Mini Personal Aircooler Is Here to Turn Hot Summer Nights into a Cool Oasis!

Last Generation World’s Best Air Cooler And Portable Air Conditioner with Powerful Ultra Speed Cooling  And High Energy Efficiency.
As summertime is just around the corner, providing your home with comfortable cooling proves to be a necessity instead of simply a luxury.
When the heat is scorching, we’ve got a solution for you: NexFan Air Cooler, the world’s first UV-C portable air cooler with strong cooling capacity.

Nexfan Features

Oftentimes a traditional cooler cannot extend the cooling distance, NexFan  strong airflow distance can deliver a crisp, cool breeze up to 5 ft.
NexFan makeup consists of a three-dimensional corrugated network of wet curtains and a filter. This structure is able to produce smooth, natural air and a better wind circulation with multiple blowing angles up to 90° apart.
The uniformly distributed wind projects powerful cooling and assures no headaches, given that the wind does not blow in a singular/localized area.
Upgraded atomizer, cool faster. (You can also choose to use ice cubes or ice crystals). Can be used under various situations. (such as after exercise, cooking in the kitchen, RV, etc.)
The NexFan air cooler creates a comfortable micro-climate anywhere you want by providing a breeze cooled by  5℃ / 9℉, in an instant. Unlike traditional evaporative coolers, we do it faster and enable more coverage with a much longer wind distance.  
Conventional air coolers take minutes to provide the proper ambience, but with NexFan, you’ll feel the cold wind in just a few seconds.
So, what’s the secret? NexFan has taken cool air to the next level by utilizing an atomizer, where traditional swamp coolers only use a moisture pad.
The atomizer provides more spray volume through water depressurization to achieve a rapid temperature drop. Additionally, we have incorporated a 4.8 x 10 cm plant fiber curtain in our device.
This thickened fiber is able to soak in more water and thus allows for more evaporation.
  • Add water to the tank (capacity~500ml)
  • Plug in the power
  • Click the ON button
  • Want it even cooler? Try adding ice for some truly frozen wind.
NexFan is super slick with a uniquely stealthy look and a low profile. With a size of only 14.4×16.1×15.9 cm, NexFan is very portable and can easily be taken in your luggage.
It is shorter than a handbag and weighs less than 1kg . You have plenty of places to go, so why not take NexFan with you?
Getting tired of your outdated fan sounding like a blaring Generator? NexFan’s new noise-block design keeps the noise level under 68 dB even as it works hard to keep you refreshed. We have enhanced noise reduction level by 30%, so you’ll be guaranteed a quiet, soothing personal space, wherever you take it.
Our Company Gives Back To His Community After Inventing The World’s Coldest (Affordable) Portable AC That Kills Bacteria & Viruses.
The unique portable air cooler that cools faster that can offer you a 99% sterilized air experience to take care of your health.
We integrate in Nexfan a low density UV Sterilizing Lamp focused on the water tank to achieve a magnifying effect with the water, potentiating its intensity within the water, ensuring the elimination of bacteria, viruses, algae and spores that can compromise the health of our customers.
In addition to the UV Sterilizing Lamp, we manufacture a Nano-Silver Ion Filter  that destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoa, preventing microorganisms from developing any type of resistance to treatment.  
With the nano-silver ion filter, NexFan can not only limit the contamination inside of the water tank, but also purifies the air quality in the surroundings  and removes any odor.
Ultraviolet sterilization is the process of destroying all microbial life by means of ultraviolet radiation. Benign for humans, but in the case of bacteria, germs, viruses, algae and spores, they die on contact with UV light.
Ultraviolet or UV light, as it is usually referred to, is one of the proven means of treating biologically contaminated water, air, or surfaces. UV radiation penetrates the cell wall of microorganisms and is absorbed by cellular materials, causing mutations in their DNA that are fatal to single-celled organisms.
This combination integrated into our NexFan offers a sterilization of 99.9% of the water in the tank and avoiding the subsequent presence of algae in the water tank, making the air emitted 100% safe and germ-free.
Rather than focusing only on cooling, the NexFan has three other modes upon activation. You can switch between the normal cooling mode and the humidification cooling mode. In a parched environment, cooling in humidification mode is bracing and soothing. In clammy areas, you can turn off the humidification and enjoy the crisp and dry wind.
To add a bit more fun, the NexFan features added color options. Our ambient LED light features a rainbow array of 7 colors, letting you set the mood however you like. If you’d like some peaceful time by yourself, add some aromatherapy oil to facilitate a better sleep. Leave your LED on at night as your night light in case of emergency, or just to feel more secure in your surroundings.
Worried about leaks? Concerned that your camp bed will get soggy or your office desk may get wet? Thanks to NexFan enhanced structure, this won’t be a problem. Our extensive testing shows the NexFan’s fortified container will stay secure even when shaken and rattled, leaving your belongings safe and dry no matter what.
NexFan can do more with less amount of energy. How soNexFan uses lower operating power while working, making  it an accessible “cooler on the go”.
Compared to other traditional swamp coolers or ordinary fans, it is much more energy-efficient. Charging it with a 10,000 mAh power bank supports a 12-hour service length, which is much more efficient than the leading coolers in the market, especially at a full reservoir of 500ml.
You’ll never need to worry about interrupting a full-day trip outdoors.

Get NexFan At The Same Price From Arctic Breeze

Ultra High speed ventilation

Strong Airflow Distance Up To 5 Ft

Advanced Cooling Capacity

Rapid Drop By 5°C/9°F

Tank With Light UV Sterilizer

Nano-Silver Ion Filter Depressing The Germs

99.9% Air Disinfection

Aromatherapy Mode

Water Capacity

500 ML

300 ML

Hours Operation With Full Tank

12 Hour

8 Hours


Filters Dust Particles In The Air

Removable & Washable Filter

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